Financial Consulting

There is a big disconnect between what tax accountants do and what we do here. We give business owners the power of knowledge over their finances. Advantage Pro arms them with the tools and strategies to read their current data, plan action for change and implement to make an impact on the bottom line.

  • Our first meeting is a discovery session for our team to gather your needs and requirements as a business. It is for us to understand your current situation, your pain points and your goals.
  • We then, together, create a plan to make the financial systems more efficient.
  • From this point the other parts of the business come into play to implement the plan with bookkeeping, accounting, and advisory services.
  • Once a accurate big picture is available, we will perform a financial analysis to discuss the financial past, the future goals and how Advantage Pro can help keep the team on track to meet those goals.

This process is cyclical and ever evolving with your business. You will learn how to read reports, understand your business better and learn from past mistakes to improve the systems in place.