Do you want control over creating your business's future success? Unlike other financial organizations, Advantage Pro gives business owners the power of knowledge over their finances. We arm our clients with the tools and strategies to read and understand their current data, plan action, and implement changes to make an impact on the bottom line.

We are your virtual CFO


We pride ourselves on building relationships, partnering with business owners and administration, and teaming up with industry experts to tackle any financial challenge your business may have.

Past, Present and Future

Need help cleaning up the accounting books from past years, entering data from this year and preparing your forecasts for upcoming years? We can help. Our team specializes in forensic accounting and financial strategies to help create healthy financial habits to ensure growth and success.


Communication is key to our team.. Clearly understanding your goals and expectations is integral to the success of your project and helping you to understand your business finances better.


Our fearless leader has been certified as a QuickBooks ProAdvisors and as a Project Management Professional. Not only can we diagnose and fix the problems you are having with your accounting, but we help manage projects in a way that allows us to give you the power of financial knowledge to achieve your goals.

Our Team

Driving professional excellence in others is my passion! With a hybrid of operational and financial talents, stemming from my career in diverse industries, I have a broad –base mindset that generates targeted, real-world solutions.


Working as the lead bookkeeper for Advantage Pro Accounting for 12 years has given me the opportunity to work within a broad range of industries. The nuances of each keeps me on my toes and each day different.


Being the office intern is no easy task! It’s up to me to keep the office morale healthy, productive and remind my humans that taking a break to smell the roses is a good thing to do. I’ll be the one at your feet during our meetings.


David is an incredible person and the ultimate teammate. We met by chance, at a pop-up coworking event that our company hosted at a local venue, and he quickly became a strong supporter of our collaborative sessions. David is now a full-time member of our permanent coworking community and continually adds his expertise to support other members who are in need of guidance in the financial arena. I highly recommend David for his skills, expertise and overall awesomeness! – Chief Innovation Officer

Our clients

About David



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